Get the Big Picture

The Big Picture Theme is popular with those that don't want to take a lot of space for their branding (logo & header image at top of website) and also want an image to anchor each page that will fill the top of the page behind the navigation. Typically, the main page title for each page overprints the page background image (which is often exaggerated with a dark filter and the text on top is white.

Logo Size

Minimum of 200px x 166px (If larger logo then the ratio must be the same)

Unique Functions

All pages have a banner image in page heading element.

The page header element of the index page (your first page) has extra details like subtitle, link and you may add up to 10 images for the home page slider.

Required: the page heading element (first option in toolbox) MUST ALWAYS be the first element on the page.

Body of Pages

Unique to this theme, after the page heading, you must add a start section element, then add your page body elements and then a close section element at the end of each page.

Menu Function

The main tabs will alternate left, then right to balance the top of the site. Having an equal number of main navigational tabs is advised for the best aesthetics.

Not Supported

The home page slider is not supported.

These area widgets: left, right, above header and into header are not supported.

The menu separator (style settings), menu shadow, and breadcrumbs are not supported.


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